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    Dress Me! Empty Dress Me!

    Post by Irina on Mon Oct 18, 2010 6:39 am

    Dress Me!

    In this event are finally 3 winners, this event goes with 2 Admins.

    I. Find First Admin and trade him 10 Silver Medals.(3Winners)

    II. Find Second Admin and trade him 10 Gold Medals.(3Winners)

    III.In the 3rd-stage the Admins and the 6 Winners will go in 1 map(town),then the

    Admins gives one number of Gold/Silver Medals(then drop..the silver/gold medals),all participants to succeed to dress up the Admins.(3Winners)
    Laughing Very Happy What a Face

    Credits go's to xBluUx & Irina


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