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    Jewels Information Empty Jewels Information

    Post by BLooD on Sun Jun 06, 2010 2:13 am

    The jewels are used for upgrading and making the items better.
    Each jewel has an ability which can be used only on some items.

    Jewel of Bless

    Used to upgrade items up to +6. No chance of fail. Can be stacked to piles of 10 and 30 for easier trade and some chaos combinations.

    Jewel of Soul

    Upgrades items from 0 to 9 but has 20% chance to fail for items without luck and 1% chance to fail for items with luck. On fail from 0 to 7 downgrades the item with 1. On fail from 8 to 9 downgrades the item to 0.Can be stacked to piles of 10 and 30 for easier trade and some chaos combinations.

    Jewel of Chaos

    This is the most common jewel. It is used in all item combinations.

    Jewel of Life

    Upgrades the normal option of an item with 90% success rate. On fail reduces the option with 1 level.

    Jewel of Creation

    Used for creating fruits that increase stats and resurrecting pets. Also used for the socket system.

    Jewel of Guardian

    Jewels of Guardian are used for upgrading Castle Defenses and creating Life Stones. Also used to add a "pink" option to special items.


    Used for creating Jewel of Harmony

    Jewel of Harmony

    Jewels of Harmony are used for adding a "yellow" additional option to your items.They can be used for creating the "pink" option with the jewel of guardian.They can't be used on all the items !

    Low Refining Stone

    Used for increasing Harmony Options.

    High Refining Stone

    Used for further increasing Harmony Options.

    Jewels Information Airmu_10
    Jewels Information Airmu_10

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