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    Getting Powerful Empty Getting Powerful

    Post by BLooD on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:51 am

    Getting Powerful on AirMu

    * A lot of new players are disoriented because the server is getting stronger and players are becoming stronger as well .
    * Now , you can find how to get stronger fast and get friends and respect from players .
    * First of all , you'll have a 1-level character with 0 resets . You'll appear in Lorencia/Noria/Elbeland Etc.
    * There are 2 ways to level-up when you are new on this server : alone or with other players .
    * I suggest players to not try to level alone . It's verry hard and it will take a lot of time . Also , the new players can't kill all the mobs from the server . So it will be extremely hard to do the first reset .
    * Because of this , I suggest the 2'nd way : go in lorencia and search for a good player . Talk nice with him and ask him to help you . If you do this , you can level faster and get friends also .
    * When you'll get stronger , you should help new players also . You can earn respect on server verry fast helping them , like you were helped at the beggining by other good players .
    * Make friends , help them , don't stay only for level , the most important thing is to know you make friends which can help you in the future when you'll need .
    * I hope I helped you guys !

    Getting Powerful Airmu_10
    Getting Powerful Airmu_10

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