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    DoubleGoer Event


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    DoubleGoer Event Empty DoubleGoer Event

    Post by BLooD on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:46 am

    DoubleGoer Event

    The New Event Double Goer takes place in the map Doppleganger.
    Structure Map
    Doppleganger The map is divided into 4 zones.

    Zone 1 "BlazeZone"

    Zone 2 "Crystalcave"

    Zone 3 "Ice Zone"

    Zone 4 "UnderWater"

    Event Entry Forms to

    To enter nesecery is not to have a minimum Level event when that takes place at any time according to requirement of character and you can enter as many times as you want in one day.

    NOTE: You can enter at least 1 character and a maximum of 5 characters.

    Item necesery to entry:

    Speculum Invitation

    You may be able to find it in Lorencia Bar shop for 13,427 zen
    Or u may be able to create it to this form :

    This item Drop in Level 32 Monsters Forward.
    Indication to collect 5 will automatically create the Speculum.

    To enter the event you must present the ticket to the NPC which is located in Lugard Elbeland (49, 216) or in lorencia in the middle of Bar outside and automatically set the difficulty according to your Level.

    Lugard the NPC

    The information quest image :

    Interface of Event:

    * Show Boss to Kill and the remaining time to finish the event.

    * Displays the location Boss Ice Walker.

    * Servers provide distance between the starting point and the point of Main Boss.
    * The triangle indicates the location of the current character.
    * The blue triangle displayed with your location.
    * The black triangle position of the members of your party.

    * The yellow line shows the distance between the Main Boss.
    * Depending on the distance the colors may vary
    * Yellow, Orange and Red.

    Event monsters
    They go out randomly in any area.

    Doppleganger Knight

    Doppleganger Wizzard

    Doppleganger Elf

    Doppleganger Summoner

    Doppleganger Magic

    Doppleganger Lord


    Boss Event
    3 Boss are those who leave in the event and q have to kill to complete the event.

    BOSS 1 : Butcher

    BOSS 2 : Contaminated Ice Walker

    BOSS 3 : Angry Butcher


    Event Time
    The event lasts 10 minutes in each phase

    Fighting General:
    By accessing randomly take you to an area to begin the event monsters will constantly.

    Combat Principal:
    The main battle appears from Boss Kill the 3 coming out in some area.

    In the event there is a search mission IceWalker Boss if you can not kill him within minutes stronger monsters will appear.

    If you can Kill the Boss grant you 3 Box Compensation.

    When you kill a Boss 3 Box Compensation handed you, you can choose one.
    Sometimes, instead of prizes may have Contaminated larvae hidden within the Compensation Box.

    At the end of the EVENT you will recive a Golden Chest from where you will recive your prize for compliting the EVENT

    DoubleGoer Event Airmu_10
    DoubleGoer Event Airmu_10

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