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    Coins of Fortune AirMu Lottery


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    Coins of Fortune  AirMu Lottery Empty Coins of Fortune AirMu Lottery

    Post by BLooD on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:12 am

    Coins of Fortune AirMu Lottery
    This lottery was founded especially for Air players.

    Example Coins of Fortune

    How to get at this lottery?

    First off all you need to go in lorencia at coordonates 127,143 and push click on NPC Christine ,
    this npc will teleport you in Rolen Market where it's placed AirMu Coin of Fortune Lottery.

    After you get in Rolen Market map , you need to go at coordonates 110,135
    here you will talk with AirMu Lottery NPC.

    When you arrive at NPC push click to connect with him , afther you connect with him you
    can exchange your Coins of Fortune with excelent items.

    Afther you click on npc and connect with him he will show you this
    windows please select the Exchange Coinf of Fortune.
    If you need more information you can select Coinf of Fortune information button
    he will give some explications about this lottery.

    After you chousen the button Exchange coinf of Fortune will show you this new window.

    Here depend of how much coins do you have if you have 10 coins you can select
    only 10 coins button if you have 20 coins you can select 10 button and 20 button ,
    if you have 30 coins you can select any button if you will select
    10 coins button you can use 3 times you coin with 30 pices.
    Maximum coins can be collected its 255 if you have 255 coins you can use all of them.

    Where coins of fortune can be found?
    In any map can be found this item have a big drop.

    Coins of Fortune  AirMu Lottery Airmu_10
    Coins of Fortune  AirMu Lottery Airmu_10

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