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    Respectarea regulilor : Top Voter Rules 0w11

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    Top Voter Rules Empty Top Voter Rules

    Post by BLooD on Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:27 pm

    The Top Voter Rules

    1.Vote with multiple accounts are forbiden.
    2.Vote with multiple ip's are forbiden.
    3.You can vote only 1 time at 12 hours.
    4.If you vote more than 2 times/day all credits will be deleted.
    5.Votes will be counted on account name not in character name.
    6.If you vote without to enter the code generated by the TopSite vote will be automatically canceled.
    7.Any attempt to hack / fake vote will erase credit + ip ban.

    Any violation of the rules can result the delet of credits + ban ip forever.

    By using our vote reward you accept our rules and terms of agrement.

    La sfarsitul fiecarei Luni toti playeri care au 250 credite vor fi premiati!!

    Itemele vor fi +13 cu 3 optiuni(Luck ii o optiune deci mai raman 2)aveti grija ce veti cere,odata ce s-au dat nu se vor mai schimba.Doar un item veti putea cere nu mai multe!!!!!

    At the end of each month all players that have 250 credits will be rewarded!!

    The items will be +13 with 3 options(Luck is a option there for remains 2 more)so Choose Wisley,after you have chosen your item it will not be changed!!!You can request only one item per month!!!

    Va urez succes tuturor!!!!

    Top Voter Rules Airmu_10
    Top Voter Rules Airmu_10

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