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    PvP server rulles

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    Respectarea regulilor : PvP server rulles 0w11

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    PvP server rulles Empty PvP server rulles

    Post by NekroBk on Sat May 29, 2010 4:19 am

    1. Staff Members
    1.1. Disrespectful attitude / BL towards any of the Staff Members is forbidden;
    Punishment: ban ranging from a simple kick to permanent and IP ban in extreme cases

    1.2. Any threats made to a Staff Member are forbidden;
    Punishment: account deletion and IP ban in extreme cases

    1.3 You have the obligation to collaborate with admins, to show items if you are asked to do it, and to generally answer in any situation. GMs will never ask you for your password.

    1.4. You must stop any hostile actions against other players when a GM appears near you, especially if your hostility is aimed at the person(s) who called the GM;
    Punishment: ban for 3 days

    1.5. It is forbidden to lie to Staff Members;
    Punishment: ban ranging from 1 week to 1 month

    1.6 It is forbidden to say you are Staff Members, or friends/relatives of the Staff Members.
    Punishment: ban ranging from 10 days to acc deletion in extreme cases.

    Staff members means all Administrators (Admins) and Game Masters (GMs).
    These rules apply anywhere, including in the game, on the forums.

    2. Scammers/Black mail

    2.1 Any attempt to trick a player through trade will be punished.

    2.2 Any kind of blackmailing is strictly forbidden.

    2.3 In order to prove an attempt of blackmailing or scam you will need prints with the trade and the discussion between the scammer and you.

    3. Cheating

    3.1 The use of any type of hack/cheat application is forbidden.

    3.2 People who are caught using this type of application will have their account deleted and IP banned.

    3.3 It is forbidden to exploit game bugs with or without the help of other hack/cheat applications.

    4. Advertising

    4.1 Advertising other game servers leads to instant IP/IP class filtering.

    5. Bad Language (BL)

    5.1 In case of BL, common sense rules apply. BL is forbidden and sanctioned under any circumstance, even when using acronyms ( prints must be made with chat extended on all the screen. )

    5.2 Insult admin/gm will be punished with all acount banned unlimited no matter if is made on forum or game.

    6. Complains

    6.1 We wont take in consideration printscreens older that 24h

    6.2 Complains made with awrongfull will to induce a GM/Admin into error will be punished with 7 days of ban


    Players will be sanctioned for breaking the rules stated here as follows:

    1st mistake: 3 days ban
    2nd mistake: 5 days ban
    3rd mistake: 10 days ban
    4th mistake: 15 days ban
    5th mistake: unlimited
    PS: requesting the prints for the ban, that prove the ban to be fair leads to double ban.

    Important:PVP Server rulles (PK and KS are allowed anywhere.)

    All the penalties mentioned in these rules are the MINIMUM penalties, and they can and will be harsher if the admins consider it necessarily.
    An unlimited ban is a ban for an undefined period of time. The account may or may not be unbanned.
    In any other situation not in the current set of rules, game masters always have the final word.
    We do not take responsibility for stolen items, “hacked” accounts, you have a responsibility to keep the confidentiality of you account login and password.

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