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    Chat Rules Empty Chat Rules

    Post by Scorp on Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:29 am

    Respect these rules and you won't get kicked/banned on forum/site chat:

      1.Language.Use a decent and clean language.Insulting other users is punished with kick/ban; [Ban period varies by insult level.]
      2.Spam is not allowed.Please do a short pause after typing a message,else you will get kicked.If you do this repeatly ,you will get banned for a fixed period of time.
      3.When you enter for the first time on chat please change the nickname!!!Simply click on you're name and write a nickname that you wish to appear!(ex:WoogieMoofie into ABC).Please be advised that bad nicknames are often BANNED!!!
      Unnobey this thread may result in Kick\Ban!!!
      4.Advertising is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!Don't link other servers, you will get banned forever.

      Class legend:

    • Guests:
      New users,that haven't changed their name to get promoved to Member by a moderator.

    • Members:
      Users that had enough brain to change their name.Most of them are server players.

    • Moderators:
      This class is only for some special players,chosen by the Owners,so don't piss off the Owner for getting promoved to Moderator.Their job is to watch the user's activity on chat,and ask the guests to change their name.If the moderator doesn't respect the rules,he risks to lose his function.
      In addition to this rule, any MODERATOR on chat, when an OWNER is not on-line, may take action about Kick\Ban a person.Exception vary from Kick to Ban.MAXIMUM LIMIT TIME IS 6 HOURS FOR BAN!!!
      We do not KICK or BAN people for no reason!!!

    • Owners:
      This class can take themselves decisions.They are represented mostly by the Admins of the server...However,not at all.

    • Main owner:
      Just one word...BLooD.

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