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    Post by eXXe on Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:09 am

    Gens System(PvP & Quests)

    Gens Pvp and Quest System

    Gens PvP System offers you an opportunity to join two rival clans: Gens Duprian and Gens Vanert which can be joined at lvl 50.
    Gain contribution points and get promoted to the next rank by completing quests and killing your enemy from the opposite clan!
    In the first week of each month Gens rewards are given out based on your raking (you may not be eligible for rewards all the time), rewards can be collected at Gens steward NPC and they disappear if they are not collected in within a week

    Gens NPC's you can find at:
    Lorencia 130 126 (Gens Vanert Steward) and Lorencia 130 128 (Gens Duprian Steward).
    Information About Gens Vanert1 Information About Gens Duprian1

    To be a part of the family you must chose to which clan you want to belong to ,and go to the NPC which reprezents it, talk to NPC and click Join button (option 4). You always have an opportunity to leave your current clan (option 5) and join the opposite family.

    After you join one of the clans you can start makeing the quests which they offer. To chose a quest press "Accept gens Quest (option 1).
    Information About Gens Vanert Information About Gens Duprian
    Gens Menu Window

    To check the quest status Press "T", select the quest name and you will see all the details about it. Also you have an option to cancel the quest at any time.

    By completing quests you receive contribution points as a reward. Also by killing oposite clan members you will get 5 contribution points for each kill and you won't get PK status , but you may also loose 5 points if you ket killed by a member of the rival family. If you kill your familly member or any other player which does not belong to the rival family you won't receive any points

    You can only receive points in Gens PvP enabled maps : Stadium , Barracks and Vulcanus .

    To check your Gens ranking, Gained Contribution and other info press "B".
    Information About Gens Vanertprivate Information About Gens Duprianprivate
    Gens Information Window

    Gens Restrictions :

    You can not join guild with other gens

    You can not have guild alliance with other gens

    Guild Master can not leave gens(unless he disbands guild)

    If guild Master joins a family all his guild will join same family automatically

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